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The information contained on this website is designed to provide general information regarding consumer protection for defective vehicles. This site does not provide legal advice, nor should any of the information be construed as legal advice. This website is not created nor maintained by an attorney, so you should seek the advice of an attorney (or attorneys) in your state to get your legal questions answered.

If you think that you ended up with a “lemon” vehicle, you should contact a lemon law attorney licensed to practice in the state that you reside. The lemon law attorney is equipped to answer your legal questions and provide legal information.

The information in this website should not be depended upon in making any decisions regarding a potential lemon law action, or lemon law applicability. A lemon law attorney licensed to practice in your state is your best source for legal information, as is state Attorney General Offices and other state government offices. There are also may consumer advocate sites on the net – many non-profit and non-partisan.

This site contains various clickable “links”, that appear in blue like this. These links are not affiliated with this site, and visiting them should not be construed as a “referral” or “endorsement” of the linked websites. The linked sites and their content are the responsibility of the person who operates those site(s).

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